Tamil Diplomat

World Bank to aid Re-Construction efforts in Valli North

Jaffna District Secretary N,Vethanayagan said that the world Bank had come forward to aid the re-construction efforts in Valli North.

Clarifying further he said that, C.Manoharan, the Rural Livelihood Development Expert for South Asia, visited the Jaffna district yesterday. After inspecting the re-settled areas in Valli North, he had said while in a discussion with us that the World Bank had come forward to provide aid for re-construction in the re-settled areas and the Livelihood development of re-settled people.

Meanwhile, a high powered team from World Bank had visited Valli North and Vallalai, and had studied about the need of the resettled people.

They have conversed with the people re-settled in Valli North, and found out   their requirements and needs  in basic amenities.

It has become a practice of the Foreign representatives who visit north to inquire and find out whether any benefits had reached the people after the regime change and the stance of the Tamil people on the International Investigation on war crimes perpetrated on them.