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Yemen al-Qaeda: US says raid was ‘very thought-out process’

The White House has said a raid in Yemen on an al-Qaeda stronghold that likely killed civilians was a “very thought-out process”. As many as 23 civilians were killed in the raid on a village in Yakla district on Saturday, including 10 children, rights group Reprieve says.

Yemeni reports say the victims included the daughter of Anwar al-Awlaki, a militant killed by a US strike in 2011. The raid was the first such operation authorised by President Donald Trump.

The US military had previously said a Navy Seal, William ‘Ryan’ Owens, 36, died and three others were injured. But the US Central Command (Centcom) later said that those killed could include children. Several Apache helicopters were reported to have taken part in the operation, which killed 14 militants, including three al-Qaeda leaders, according to the US military(BBC,2017)