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Young generation forgets the motherland after going abroad, points out the CM,NPC

The young generation who complete their study here forgets the motherland. After going there they shout   “split and give Eelam” ” Look at the fate of the Tamil People” but they simply forget about what they can do to this country which had given them free education, said the CM, while participating as the Chief Guest felicitating event of a Private Tuition in Jaffna.

Two Hindu Temples in Batticaloa District attacked and damaged.

Kurukkal Madam Krishnan Temple south of Batticaloa, and the Ityhiyadi Valli Pillaiyar Temple in Vahaneri were attacked on Friday and the statues of deities were thrown on the road. Vahaneri Temple was attacked a few months ago also.

The administrators of the above Temples had complained to the Police and although the Police undertook investigations with the held on  police tracking dogs, the culprits were not found.