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Youth detained for more than 5 years acquitted in 5 cases by Jaffna High Court

A youth was arrested under PTA accused of killing 6 people with gun and claymore was charged in the courts in 5 cases with only his confession and was in jail for more than 5 years.

Following the Jaffna High Court Magistrate M.Illanchcheliyan rejecting the confession as evidence, the prosecution informed court that they did not wish to continue the case. The judge released him from all 5 cases.

The released person was accused of killing Dissanayake of 8VIR with Claymore, shooting one Premachandra, shooting 2 people in a Valvettithurai, shooting one Satkunam at Alwai, and killing Kanapathypillai by Claymore at Thumpalai.

Although he was released in these cases, as a case is pending against him in Vavuniya he will continued to be kept in Prison till the case in Vavuniya is concluded