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Youth killed in police custody by torture – Accused remanded till the evidences are recorded

Declaring that the suspects connected with case of a youth arrested and killed in police custody by torture will not be granted bail until the evidences are recorded, Jaffna High Court Judge M.Illancheliyan ordered that all 7 police suspects be placed in remand till January 10th.

One of the youth arrested by Chunnakam police on a charge celebrating Maveerar day, was alleged to had been tortured to death and that his body was later recovered from Iranaimadu Tank.  The other testifying court brought to the notice of the judge that they had been subjected to sever torture and one of them had died and the police had thrown the dead body into Iranaimadu Tank.

This case was taken up for trial before JHC. 7 of the 8 suspects were produced in and the court was    in formed that the 7th suspect is living in Canada at present and the court issued an international arrest warrant on him.

Announcing that continuous trial will be held after recording the evidences, Justice Illancheliyan ordered that the suspect be remanded till 10th January.