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Youth threatened showing pistol by Police man at a Jaffna Theatre

An altercation had occurred in Jaffna Theater between the Theater Staff, who were selling tickets for a new show in the black and some youth who pretested the selling of tickets in the black at a price of Rs.100/= more than the normal price. Following the protest sales in black was stopped and the disputed  youth  also given tickets.

While they were seated, one  person in civils, claiming to be an SI of Jaffna police asked the above youth to come out. He held the youth at gunpoint and threatened them that he will arrest them. He had told the youth that this is not their theater and if they don’t like to see the film in this theater they can go to another theater and see any film.

The Jaffna Police OIC said that such an incident never happened and that if some complaint is made inquiries will be made.

However, Earlier also a youth was assaulted by a person claiming to be a police man and when the youth went to complain in the Jaffna police, he was pacified and sent away by the police Officers on duty.