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Youth’s death in custody at Chunnakam Police in 2011, OIC Chinthika and 3 others remanded

Three police men including the former OIC have been arrested in connection with the death of a Tamil youth while in custody at the Chunnakam police station in 2011. Another Tamil police officer against whom arrest warrant has been issued, relevant to the above case, surrendered at the Killinochchi courts. All of them were ordered to be remanded, by the Kilinochchi courts.

In 2011, the Chunnakam police arrested four youth while distributing school equipment to poor students during Maveerar week and later the charge was converted to theft and police said that the dead youth had escaped from custody. The dead body of the youth was later recovered from Iranaimadu tank, and the case closed as suicide.

During the hearing of the original case, the other suspects revealed that the youth was tortured to murder.

Then the courts  issued summons on the suspect police officers.

Kilinochchi Magistrate A.A.Ananthrajah order to remand all 4 suspects until 24th.

Meanwhile another  torture case involving the same suspects is to be taken up in the Jaffna High Courts on the 19th.