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04 Tamil cricketers and 07 Throw-Ball players in respective National Teams

Kiritharan representing Vavuniya Combined Team, Niroshan of St.John’s College, Thasoban of Jaffna Combined Team and Nithusan of Kili/Mullai Combined had been selected to represent Sri Lanka in the Kevin Peterson Cricket Foundation Series to be held in December at Dubai.

R.Praveen, P.Kirithika and K.Sabari shamika had been  selected to play in under 19 Male and Female team of Sri Lanka in the Asian Cup Throw ball Championship to held in Malaysia from Dec.27 to Dec.30th.Similarly N.Thivyanath, S.Abinayan, and P.Sarujan had been selected to play in the competion to be held on wednesday in Malaysia .

This is the first time that the Tamil players are representing the country in Throw ball.