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13,841 persons affected by high temperature: say the statistics

13,841 persons have been affected by the high temperature, in Jaffna District, due to the high temperature  that is continuously prevailing in the country, revels the statistics of the District Secretariat, Jaffna.

People and the cattle in the District are adversely affected by various diseases due to the very hot climate that is prevailing in the District. Especially 13,841 people from4,260 families in 28 GS Divisions in Velanai, Kayts, Karainagar and Delft divisional Secretary areas in Jaffna District, are affected.

Most importantly, arrangement are undertaken by the Ministry Disaster Management to provide the need in drinking water through the Divisional Secretariats.

However ,only 3 bowsers are available in the District Secretariat. 05 more bowsers and Rs.3.5 million are sought from the Government for this purpose. If the drought persists more adjacent areas also will have to be supplied with drinking water. Still worse scenario is prevailing where cattle death rates also are increasing with the increase in high temperature.