Tamil Diplomat

More than 400 cattle within Vadduvagal Navy Camp: To be handed over to the owners tomorrow

450 cattle within Vadduvagal Navy Camp inspected by Divisional Secretary’s Office Officers, said the Karaithuraipattu, Divisional Secretary Kunabalan. The Navy has consented to release these cattle to the Owners. Accordingly, the cattle owners had to make registration of their cattle registration and the stable markings at the divisional Office.An Officer of the Divisional Secretariat, Grama Officer and few farmers went inside to inspect the Cattle.

Although only around 100 complaints received by us regarding loss of cattle there are 450 cattle inside. Some cattle from Puthukudiyiruppu also were identified among the cattle inside. The Navy has promised the release all cattle that were identified on a day or two.

The District Secretary has ordered that the cattle were handed over to the owners immediately.hence, it was decided to carry out this operation tomorrow, he said.