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55 types of Ayur Medicines produced in the North this year Number of beneficiaries also increased

The statistics of the Ayurveda Department shows that 55 types of medicine were produced at high standard through the Northern Province Ayurveda Department and  the consumption of Ayurveda medicine also has gone up by 10% .

The Siddha Vaithya production Centres under the Department also are producing goo standard medicine. There are 7 Herbal farms under the Department. 51 Herbal plants are cultivated in these farms. All parts of the herbal plants are used in medicines. Annually 230 Kgs of herbs are being harvested and sent to 35 production Centres and herbal medicines will be produced there.

The so produced medicines are sent to 93 Ayurveda Hospitals and Medicine supply units. 51 herbs and 55 types of medicine are produced under varieties of oils, powder and pills. Annually Rs 8,200,000 is spent for the production.

56 % of the productions are done in Jaffna District and action had been taken to extend the farms in other areas. Patients benefiting from the Department hospital had increased by  10%. 499,000 patients were treated in 2015 and 655,000 in 2016, indicates the statistics.