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Who gave permission to Buddhist Monks to hold Archeological surveys on Kurunthoor malai? Court rebuke Department Officials

The Mulitheevu Court rebuked strongly the Archaeological Department for causing disturbance at Kurunthoor malai allowing Buddhist monks to carry out archaeological research at Kurunthoormalai.

On the 04/09//2018, 2 Buddhist monks and Archaeological Department Officials with a covert purpose of placing 2 Buddha statues at Kurunthoormalai in the guise of Archaeological Research.

Area people intervened and stopped their attempt to place the Buddha statues. The Archaeological Department banned the Tamil people worshipping there. Later police intervened and people were allowed to worship there.

A case was filed by police and the judge issued an injunction order permitting worship there.  This case was taken up for hearing yesterday and judge after reprimanding the Dept. Officials for misusing their power in allowing the monks to research there and ordered them to submit a full report on the circumstances under which the monks were allowed for research into Kurunthoor.