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90% cultivations destroyed by prolonging drought in Batticaloa : the Management Group of Agricultural Irrigation Scheme

The farmers who had engaged in ‘Maha’ paddy cultivation depending on the Monsoon rains, called “Manavari” has been very badly affected because of the failure of Monsoon rains, and the prolonging drought, said the president of the Management Group of the Agricultural Irrigation Scheme, K.Yogavezh.

The work of assessing the losses of the farmers had commenced yesterday. These assessment had been already done through Agricultural Organizations. Now, destruction assessments are being made from individual farmers.

The sowing work for Manavari commenced in the latter part of last year. 90% of the Manavari cultivated without irrigation and anticipating monsoon rains had dried out because the rains have failed, the farmers have said.

91,567 acre(3,116 Hectare)  were cultivated in the Manavari, said the Deputy Director of Agricultural Department, Batticaloa. Chena cultivation and subsidiary food crops like Maize, Irrungu, Cow pea, Ground nuts, and Kurrakkan are also facing destruction.

If the rains continue to fail, crops cultivated under irrigation also will also face affectations, Agricultural Irrigation officials.

The paddy tracts in Vaharai,Kiran, Vantharumoolai, KaradiyanAru, Ayithiyamalai, Unnichchai, Kokkaddichcholai, Vellavelly, Palukamam have been worst affected due to the drought, said the farmers.