Tamil Diplomat

A permanent solution to Tamils with International mediation: Sritharan MP pleads with British Ambassador

The British Ambassador met TNA Parliamentarian Sritharan at his residence and had conversed with him while on his visit to Kilinochchi.

During this meeting, the British Ambassador had asked about the situation prevailing in areas of North and East where Tamil people live, after the Presidential election.

Answering him, Sritharan said that, the changes the Tamil people expected to happen after the presidential elections had not happened. Little by little Tamil people are losing faith in this government. No change had occurred in the Military presence, Military camps and patrols.
Arrests and summoning for inquiries are still continuing. Resettling had not been undertaken. Many projects which are at proposal level not executed.

Rehabilitated Ex- combatants are suffering without employment opportunities. The farms and factories which could provide employment are within grip of the army or are not been re-activated.

Unable to secure employment in par with their qualifications at appropriate ages and unable apply for current vacancies due to them being over-aged, lot of them are subjected to mental distress, he said.