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Batticaloa: Pon. Selvarasa, Ariyanendran, Kovinthan Karunakaram and Hisbullah lose

The results of the Batticaloa District which were surrounded by much confusion were finally released and TNA had scored a considerable victory winning 3 seats. Amidst the prevailing confusion,  the official results were released today little while ago, and TNA had won 03 seats polling 127,185 votes, Sri Lanka Muslim Congress had won 01 seat polling 38,477 votes and the UNP had won 01 seat polling 32,359 votes. The UPFA missed the bus,  polling 127 votes less, at 32,232 votes, losing the seat it held in the last Parliament.

Former Parlimentarians, Pon. Selvarasa, P.Ariyanendran, Kovinthan Karunakaram and M.L.A.M.Hisbullah had lost in this election.

As un-official sources, Debutants to the arena on behalf of TNA, Former Director of Education, Gna. Sirinesan had secured the highest number of optional votes and first place, followed by S.Viyalendran (S.S.Amal), who was put into the arena on behalf of PLOT had secured the next highest number of optional votes.

Fomer MP, C.Yogeswaran had also won, but Era. Thurairathnam lost by a small margin.

At the same time the Provincial Members, Kovinthan Karunakaram, Era. Thurairatnam and Chiley Farouk who were put into the arena had lost.

Observers say that, as far as the Parliamentary elections held this time,  voting was low in the Tamil areas of the Batticaloa District.

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