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Be sensitive to needs of others : Catholic Bishops’ Conference

Catholic Bishops’ Conference has in their Christmas message appealed to the people to be more sensitive to the needs of others.

The message said:  “Christmas reminds us of the need to invite Jesus into our lives, our families and our society. This simple birth in a stable in Bethlehem was a radical call towards conversion so that we would be more sensitive to the needs of others and specially the poor and the marginalized.

The Holy Father Pope Francis reminds us of this need by the clarion call of announcing a Jubilee Year of Mercy. This call of the Holy Father has great relevance to us to look for the lost sheep and to bring them back to the fold. We need to be considerate also towards those who are spiritually poor and those families, youth and the children who need more compassionate pastoral care.

As Jesus was born among the poor, Christmas invites us to pay careful attention to the poor and be sensitive to the various forms of human needs and suffering prevailing in our society. Special attention should be drawn towards those in prisons without a proper trial. Some of them and their families undergo enormous sufferings due to the fact that they are kept in jail without any prosecution.

“Let us be mindful of the disturbing levels of disregard towards the immeasurable value of life. Whilst we engage in various forms of charitable activity, Christmas urges us to go still further and be mindful of the circumstances and the unjust structures that keep the poor always poor. Let us commit ourselves to changing all that is not in keeping with God’s holy will in our midst by becoming agents of peace, harmony and reconciliation.

As we give thanks to God for the beautiful gift of Jesus, let us pray that all of us be renewed by the Spirit to be living witnesses of the Lord Jesus, especially to bring about lasting peace and reconciliation in our country, Let us strive to become agents of mercy and reconciliation even in the little ways we can, as we celebrate Christmas in this extraordinary Jubilee Year.”