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Centre for Information on Narcotics requests farmers to desist tobacco cultivation

The Center for Information on Alcohol and Narcotics  has requested that the Northern farmers should desist from cultivating Tobacco which is causing deaths to 60 persons daily and 20,000 per year. They have also pointed out that, the cultivators of tobacco are more affected than the users.

Thellipallai MOH, N.Nanthakumar,  the Program Officer, of the Centre for Information on Alcohol and Narcotics , A.C. Raheem, and Senior Programme Officer, P.Suresh held a joint press conference yesterday  the Jaffna Press Club.

If Tobacco production is not stopped it will cause death of several Thousand people. However Law for banning Tobacco cultivation will be implemented in 2020. If the Tobacco Cultivation is given up in stages, alternate livelihood could be found. 10 times the number dying due to Tobacco are afflicted with diseases like, Cancer, heart attack, Diabetes and respiratory problems due to the consumption of tobacco.

Not only women are widowed in young ages, but also Children are made orphans due to this.

Hence the agriculturalist should understand this and move away from Tobacco to other crops, they said.