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Decision to form ‘Tamil National Council’ by uniting Tamil National Parties

EPRLF leader Suresh Premachandran has stated that a decision has been taken to form a ‘Tamil National Council’ by uniting all the Tamil National Parties.

10 Tamil National Parties  including Tamil National Alliance and Tamil Makkal Thesiya Koottanii held a meeting in Jaffna yesterday.  They discussed various issues including the first draft of the Human Rights Council and the steps to be taken in this regard.

According to the decision taken at this meeting, the Tamil National Parties, Bishops in the North and East, leaders of Hindu Organisations, and civil society organizations will meet in Vavuniya on the 26th.

It has been decided that the ‘Tamil National Assembly’ will be formed on the 28th of this month and that the Assembly will work to take possible solutions to the problems of the Tamil people.