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Decline in production of fish in seas off Jaffna Peninsula

The total fish production which was at 48,677 MT  before 36 years had fallen to only 31,767 MT now, the District statistics had revealed.

During 1983, when war situation was prevailing, 48,677 MT of fish were caught utilizing whatever resources that were available then. But 2014 had seen that only 31,767 MT of fish being caught. in the following years also  same amounts were caught. These statistic had been revealed in the planning handbook for 2016.

Although there are 22,119 fishermen belonging to 21,117 fishing families, I4 Fisheries Inspector divisions, 110 fishing villages , 93 rural fishermen societies and 117 Fishermen’s Societies, 8010 fishing boats, 6 fishing harbours , 7 ice factories and 3 fish processing factories, the production figures of 1983 cannot be reached.

It is notable Myliddy village and Myliddy harbor which played major roles in the fish production alienated from the fishing industry by being still under the control of the Army.