Tamil Diplomat

‘Deeds to Sampoor displaced; Sampanthan’s dream realized’ : Chandrika

Chairperson of the Presidential Task Force for Reconciliation former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge has stated that Sampanthan’s dream to resettle the unfortunate displaced in Sampoor has been realized.

Chandrika was addressing a meeting held for the distribution of deeds to the displaced people in Sampoor.

She stated that it was a great day for the displaced people in Sampoor to get their own lands back. These people who had been moving from one area to another have got an opportunity to build their homes in the lands that they have lived for generations.

She remarked that Sampanthan has always been referring to the resolution of the problems of the Tamil people whenever and wherever we meet. He was in particular concerned over the sorry plight of the displaced people of Sampoor and their anguish.