Tamil Diplomat

Dinesh condemns de-proscription of Diaspora

MEP Leader Dinesh Gunawardena has charged that the government has de-proscribed Disapora with alleged links with the LTTE without any dependable probe.

He was moving a motion for the debate at the time of adjournment of the House. He stated that eight diaspora organizations and more than 260 people who were listed under a blanket proscription last year for their alleged links with the LTTE have been de-proscribed by the government.

A new Gazette notification, issued on 20 November further to a March 2014 Gazette notification that declared the proscription of 16 diaspora organizations and 424 individuals, revokes the ban on eight organizations. The delisted groups are the British Tamil Forum (BTF), the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), the Australian Tamil Congress (ATC), the Global Tamil Forum (GTF), the National Council of Eelam Tamils (NCET), the Tamil National Council (TNC), the Tamil Youth Organization (TYO) and the World Tamil Coordinating Committee (WTCC). These organizations worked for the separation of the country. The list also lifts the proscription on 269 individuals.

He complained that they continue to remain active overseas promoting the LTTE’s ideology of creating a mono-ethnic separate state of Tamil Eelam through terrorist means.