Tamil Diplomat

Douglas criticizes NPC for its failures affecting Tamil people

EPDP Leader Douglas Devanada has charged that the Northern Provincial Council has faltered in serving the people of the north due to their inefficiency.

He was raising a question in Parliament under the Standing Orders 23 (2). He stated that the Northern Provincial Council has under utilized the funds allocated by the Central Governemnt. Funds allocated by the Central Government for 2014-2015 have not been utilized fully and they had been directed back to the Trasury.

He went on that until 2013 when the Northern Provincial Council functioned well until the election of the present one. They earlier gave an excuse that they want the Governor and the Secretary be changed. That was done by the government ten months ago. Still nothing has been done.

He also charged that this is due to ineefcicincy of the Northern Provincial Council. He also charged that recruitment has been done outside the stipulated procedures.