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Dr.Sathyamoorthy, Director of Jaffna Teaching Hospital

Dr.T. Sathyamoorthy has been appointed as Director of Jaffna Teaching Hospital. The post had been lying vacant for a long time.

Dr. T Satyamurthy along with Dr. V Shanmugarajah, Dr.T Vardharajah, Dr. Ilanchelian Vallavan and Dr.N Ketheesh  worked in Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts during the final war .

International and local media had to rely on these doctors serving patients in the war zone in a time where journalists and international organisations were banned from entering the area.

The doctors were accused by the then government of providing false information on casualty figures to international media.

They were arrested and released on bail in August  2010 and later allowed to work in government hospitals.