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Eelam Liberation Struggle : Sathiyaseelan Recalls- 10

I have written in my last episode about myself going to India from Valveddithurai and after that, the 3 members of the Students’ Federation , Thavarajah (current Leader of the Opposition, NPC),Gnanam Anna alias Sivagnanasuntharam (a former Policeman) and Maha Uthaman (a student of the St. John’s College came from Colombo by air to Madras to meet me.

When these three arrived there we discussed about our next stage of activities. We first considered as to whom we should meet in India. The other three said that we should meet Kalaignar Karunanithy , who was in power then and other politicians. I could not agree with it. I suggested that at that moment we should not take our problem into Tamil Nadu Politics, but we should get the support of people who are leaders of people. They too agreed to it.

periyarWe decided to meet 4 people first, namely, E.Ve.Ra. Periyar, G.D.Naidu( an Industrialist of Koyamputhur) Ma.Po.Sivagnanam alias Ma.Po.Si and the Editor of Murasoli, Murasoly Adiyar

We met E.Ve.Ra. Periyar, in his office, at Trichchy.

The time was around noon. One of his assistants welcomed us. It had not occurred to us to take something as gift. The assistant seeing that we are empty handed, went inside, brought some oranges in a bag and gave it to us and asked us to give it to Periyar when we meet him.

We introduced ourselves and explained to him the atrocities committed on Tamil people. He was already aware of our problems. We explained that non-violent struggles will not deliver any benefit and that we had to take up an armed struggle and requested for his advice. at that time he asked us a question.

What is number of Tamils in Sri Lanka?

We told him the number is very small and gave him the statistics.

If you are small number, how are you going to fight them? Won’t they use big weapons and destroy you?, he asked.

His question was not a question against our fighting concepts. He asked that question to find out how committed we are towards armed struggle. At a time we were convinced that the armed struggle is the only way open to us, we also  had an anticipation that, won’t India, which helped  Bangaladesh by way of military assistance to win its freedom war against Pakistan, also help us. But, we did not share our thoughts with him.

We have come to this decision because no other way was available us we said explained the reasons for taking this decision.

1. The non-violent struggles being defeated.

2. All agreements being torn

3. Continuous oppression

4. Failure of Political leaders and several other reasons and told him that we have taken this decision. With the passage of time we could also become strong militarily.

Do something. Do something good, he said.

The meeting with Periyar came to an end with that. Others wanted to go to Madurai Meenadchchi Temple. We went there and wanted to make offerings. The priest asked my birth star and name. I told my star and said Tamil Eelam for my name. He repeated what I said.

G-NaiduNext we decided to meet G.D.Naidu. He was being known as the ‘wonder man’ of the Scientific and Technological field in the history of Tamil Nadu. He had only primary Education. But, he was called “Engineer” and “Inventor”. He has the distinction of designing the first Electrical Motor of India. Not only had he produced things in Industrial sector but also produced several things in Mechanical and Agricultural sectors. Because of this, he was called “India’s Edison”

We met him at his factory located at Koyamputhur. I will write about this meeting in the next episode.

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