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Election on 26th for electing the new VC to The University of Jaffna

The election for filling the post of Vice Chancellor of the University of Jaffna will be held on this 26th. Following the term of office of the present Vice Chancellor, Vasanthy Artasaratnam expiring soon,  the election to elect her successoris to be  held on the 26th.

Five persons who are currently deans of Faculties, Professor Mihunthan, Professor Velnamby, Professor Sri Satkunarasa, Dr. Raviraj and Professor Wigneswaran are competing in this election. The new VC will be elected in the Special Council meeting to be held on 26th.

The names of competitors in the VC election are indicated in the agenda of the council meeting and the competitors will be granted 15 minutes each to address the council.

Meanwhile the outgoing VC, Mrs.Vasanthy Arasaratnem has held the post twice and has the distinction of being the first woman VC of the University.