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Excavation at Muhamalai –  Uniforms, human remains rifles  of Liberation Tigers recovered

The first day of the excavations at the site where human skeletons were discovered at Muhamalai in Kilinochchi/ Palai Police division was undertaken yesterday.

The first stage of the excavations was held before the Kilinochchi District Magistrate Justice T. Saravanarajah.

03 nos. Rifles, 8 nos. Magazines, rounds for them, and 2nos. grenades were recovered in the first day of excavation. Ladies garment and skeletons with the uniform of Liberation Tigers were also recovered in the excavation. Further, an identification tag of liberation Tigers was recovered with the skeleton. This tag bear the LTTE No: JTPG – Qh 0164.

The above said  number tag was in the use of Sothiya Padaiyani(Sothiya Brigade)  of the Liberation Tigers. As this number is 0164, it seems that it had been allocated to a senior member of Sothiya Padayani, it is said.

In the context of the first stage of excavation completed yesterday, the second stage will be undertaken on the 2nd, it is learnt.

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