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Exchange of experiences between Members of Northern and Central Provincial Council

An event of sharing the experiences between the members of Northern and Central Provinces, was held yesterday at around 1130 hrs. at the Tilco Hotel in Jaffna. The experiences were mutually shared regarding the Geographical, Topographical statistics, Resources, distribution of Resources, Marketing and Development Projects undertaken in respective Provinces.

This was a chance to know about the problems and blockades experienced by people of the Provinces and it was widely expected  that, these typeof meetings will pave the way for preserving equality among the races.

The Leaders  of the House of Central and Northern  Provinces, Wimalasiri S.P.Ratnayake, C.V.K. Sivagnanam, respectively were the Chief guests at this event, attended by the Ministers,  Secretaries to the Ministries, Members of the Northern and Central Provinces and the Officials of Provincial and State Departments.