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All expectations of Tamils will be realized through President Maithri: MP, Ankajan express hope

The SLFP Jaffna District MP, Ankajan yesterday expressed hope that all the aspirations of Tamil people will be realized through the President, Maithripala Sirisena.

The election of the Jaffna District Authority of the SLFP was held yesterday at the Navalar Hall,yesterday. Ankajan said as above participating in the election.

The election of District Authorities of SLFP is being held country wide today. Some may say this is reformation of the party or structural development. As Far as I am concerned this activity shows that the President is ready find out the needs of the people through these Authorities and under take his Politics.

 This Authority will operate constituency level and district level. They will identify the needs of the people and let the President about them and they will be solved in stages. We are fighting   to fulfill 100% of the needs. I am not a Minister now. If I am a minister I can do more, he said.