Tamil Diplomat

With fakes flooding the market, how to tell if new Rs 500 or 2,000 note is real?

In the past month at least three major incidents of the Rs 2,000 notes being fake have come to light. On Tuesday the Bengaluru police arrested four persons for circulating photocopied Rs 2,000 notes. A similar incident was reported in Amritsar, Punjab where Rs 3.20 lakh in fake currency was recovered. Incidents similar to these were reported from Odisha as well.

The modus operandi in all these operations were similar. The notes were photocopied. A printer was used to print these notes and the accused persons had tried to dispose it off in the market. They felt that due to shortage of the new notes, they would easily be able to dispose the same in the market and people would fall trap for it.(ONE INDIA,2016)