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Farmers demonstrate in Batticaloa demanding guaranteed price for their paddy

The farmers at Oodamavady  engaged in a demonstration demanding that the government should purchase their paddy at guaranteed price. The Government has determined a guaranteed price and the government should purchase at that price they said. They also insisted that the private traders should also follow suit and purchase their paddy at the guaranteed price.

This demonstration was organized by the Agricultural Organizations within the Baticaloa Oodamavady Agricultural boundaries.

Farmers assembled in front of Oodamavady Pradeshiya Sabai and for this protest and they went in procession with tractors loaded with paddy towards Oodamavady Divisional Secretariat. More than 20 organizations took part in the protest bearing slogans and placards and banners.

The protestors handed over a memorandum on their problems to Divisional Secretary M.M.Naufer. In reply , the Divisional Secretary said that the Memorandum will be sent to the District Secretary and other relevant persons.