Tamil Diplomat

Foreign embassies shedding crocodile tears for Tamil people: Douglas Devananda

Foreign embassies located in Colombo did not attend to the grievances of the Tamil people when the LTTE was in function, said Opposition member Douglas Devananda.

He made this observation in Parliament yesterday, joining the adjournment motion moved by the government on Thursday, which lasted for 2 days on the UNHCR Resolution co-sponsored by Sri Lanka.

The previous government took measures to provide food and medicine to the people in North and East despite LTTE atrocities,” said MP Devananda. “We attempted to protect the Tamil people when the LTTE was functioning and even after it was eliminated.”

Devananda further said they even protested near foreign embassies in Colombo so that they would take measures to protect the Tamil people from the LTTE.

But they did not give ear to their grievances. He also said those foreign countries were now shedding crocodile tears for the Tamil people.