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Formation of TPC and anti-democracy act: Sumanthiran

” Those who have draft solution rejected by people and those who cannot secure people support in the elections, had gone by the back door and formed the TPC. Bringing that council to the forefront is an anti-democracy act.”, said TNA Parliamentarian and its spokesman, Sumanthiran to media after attending a meeting with NGOs yesterday.

`No need for anybody to fear the formation of any organization.The TNA had continuously got the support and the mandate from Tamil people. Those who are putting forward alternate Proposals could not get people’s support for them. Bringing forward the defeated schemes is an ant- Democracy act, he said.

When the media men pointed out that the CM came to office with unprecedented optional votes,  he said that the votes he got were votes that were given to the election manifesto of the TNA. He further said that though, the actions of the CM were creating confusion people voted with a clear mind. If somebody acts against that mandate, that will not gain prominence.