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Former Militants congregate in front CDF Office requesting jobs

More than a hundred former militants assembled in front of office of the Civil Defence Department, located at Iranaimadu, demanding jobs in the Civil Defence Department.

More than a hundred male and female former militants, who assembled in front of the Civil Defence Department office in Iranaimadu at around 10.30 a.m. and requested jobs from Civil Defence Department. After being released from rehabilitation they are finding it extremely difficult to make their ends meet, with any permanent job they said. During the rehabilitation period they given training in farming and hence they are asking from CDD to provide them jobs.

They said that they got to know that the CDD is recruiting new people and they have come here with their NICs and the certificate of release from Rehabilitation Camp. Because of this information we have come here. The requested from the Commanding Officer of Kilinochchi CDD, Major Sagara Weerasinghe  to provide jobs for them.


At the outset , when the CDD recruited people most of the former militants were not released from Rehabilitation. Few of the militants who were released then were reluctant to join CDD. but we see now the persons employed by the CDD are drawing salaries more than Rs.30,000/= and leading a comfortable life. Give us also employment so that we can also lead a peaceful life they said.

However the Commanding officer said that they do not have a scheme to take in  recruits and any decision on that had taken at a top level.

Following this the former militants held an attention drawing demonstration at the Iranamdu Junction and handed over memorandum signed by around 170 former militants  to the District Secretary, suntharam Arumainayagam.

It was a pathetic sight that few former woman militants with their feeding infants struggling in the hot sun.