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France train shooting: Gunman known to police

A heavily armed man who was overpowered on a train in France is a 25-year-old Moroccan known to the intelligence services, officials say. French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the man, named by French media as Ayoub El-Kahzzani, had links to the “radical Islamist movement”. He was restrained by passengers, including three Americans, two of whom are members of the US armed forces.

They have been praised by the French and American presidents. Mr Cazeneuve said on Saturday that the identity of the suspect had not been “established with certainty”, but official sources later said he had been identified through fingerprints. The suspect, who is being questioned near Paris, was flagged up to French authorities by their Spanish counterparts in February 2014. He is reported to have lived in France, Spain, and Belgium and to have travelled to Syria (BBC News, 2015).