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Goons accused of abducting a Kambarmalai women found in the house an attorney at law in Puthur

A divorcee woman from Kambarmalai was abducted near Kambarmalai Junction in a van and the Police had taken immediate action to recover the woman, within 8 hours , from a house in Puthur, belonging to an Attorney at Law . ASP in charge of Vadamaraddachchi area, Jabbar said.

The Van used in the abduction was taken into custody at Kalviyankadu, the husband of the woman who had allegedly ordered the abduction from the house of the attorney while the woman was recovered and 8 others who were involved in the abduction were taken into custody from various places of the peninsula.

In recent times the incidents of Attorneys getting involved in crimes are on the increase. Before this a woman attorney was accused of defrauding alimony money paid by an ex-husband to the wife. Several are involved in attesting false deeds. The public is concerned about the attorneys who should act as guardians of law and order getting involved in crimes.