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Grapes cultivation in Peninsula declined & farmers to be instructed

The Grapes cultivation has declined seriously in the Jaffna Peninsula. Therefore the farmers should be given adequate training said the Agricultural Instructors. In the Pre-1990 period approximately 300 Hectare were cultivated with grapes. Because of the Civil war this cultivation was abandoned. With the efforts of the Department of Agriculture, Israel Blue variety of grapes was cultivated in 108 Hectares.

Due to the attack of dew moth and fungus the production had again fallen to 50%. Hence it is essential that grapes varieties that are appropriate to Jaffna District and those could exported had to be introduced here. The farmers should be trained in new technologies in pruning and other activities

There is a drop of production experienced in the production of Tomatoes, Onions and Papaw. Appropriate and quality technologies and machineries should be introduced to cultivate value added production.

A marketing system where the farmers could negotiate sell their produce should be established, insisted the Agricultural Instructors.