Tamil Diplomat

If the new regime follows the Mahinda regime, we don’t want it: TNA

If new regime also says the same thing as Mahinda’s regime, regarding the question of missing persons, such kind of regime is not wanted by us. Those who are acting this need not expect the support of the Tamils, the Media spokesman for TNA and Member Parliament, Suresh Premachandran said yesterday.

He was speaking at the conclusion of chain- fasting and the procession on foot from Mulliwaikal.

More than 20,000 people had been abducted and made to disappear by the Army and its para military groups.  All these have surrendered in front of many people, or arrested in front of their parents.

 But the Prime Minster had stated that there are no such persons as “gone missing’ in North and East and they would have either gone abroad or killed.

This does not seemed to an opinion of a responsible person but of a by passer on the street. Tamil people did not vote for them to say so. This kind of people should not expect this support of the Tamil people.

The former President was thrown out for such irresponsible acts. It will not take much time for the Tamil people to throw away the present regime. Hence the new regime should act in a responsible way.

Our struggle will continue until we get to know the truth or our relatives are found. The international community should understand the demands of our people and act accordingly, said  Suresh Premachandran.