Tamil Diplomat

Illegal Fishing by Southern Fishermen at Kaddaikadu area, aided by the Army

Southern fishermen are engaging in illegal fishing Kaddaikadu in the Vadamaradchi East area, aid by the Army, MP, Suresh Premachandran accused yesterday.

However the army HQ in the north has denied that, Army men had not engaged in such activities.

But Suresh said the Beach-de- mer season has commenced and a lot of southern fishermen had come there to catch Beach-de-mers, they also engage in banned fishing method like dynamiting, Cylinder-fishing and light-fishing and army people are aiding and abetting them. When I visited the area, fishermen complained to that Sinhalese fishermen fishing with the help of the army.

When army spokesman Lt.Col. Mallawarachi was contacted regarding this, he said that, Southern fishermen came with license from Fisheries Ministry and they had not engaged in illegal fishing.