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Incessant Downpour Keeps Cuddalore District Under Water

Cuddalore district faced heavy rains on Saturday further worsening the water-logging in residential areas and villages. In the rains that lasted for hours, the road from Cuddalore Old Town to Cuddalore SIPCOT was submerged in about one-foot water and hindered rehabilitation work and distribution of relief to the flood-hit people.

The level of water in many areas in Kondur kept on increasing due to continuous rain. On one side, the district administration was striving to drain the water out of the streets, while on the other, it was pouring. Many residents have been lamenting that they could not enter their houses for over three days as rainwater had inundated them.

The car mechanic shopowner at Kondur said, “There are four mechanic shops on this  street. More than 10 cars and other vehicles have been parked for repair. All the vehicles have been under rainwater for the past five days. Water is not receding. Three cars are completely under water, you cannot see them. About 20 people work in the mechanic shops and the workers have lost their livelihood from last Sunday owing to water stagnation.”

Travelling for a one-km stretch from Cuddalore Old Town to Cuddalore SIPCOT has become unsafe. There were lots of potholes, worse still they were not visible because of the rainwater. Police have warned that those commuting on this road at night. Patch-up work was possible only after water receded.

According to the Cuddalore district administration, about 140 villages have been inundated. An official said standing crops in agricultural lands in 622 villages got affected. He added that the figures may increase as the rainfall was continuing and that there would be re-assessment on crop-damage.

Rural development department secretary Gagandeep Singh Bedi, who is coordinating the rehabilitation work, said, “All the lakes and rivers are being monitored by the PWD engineers round-the-clock to ensure there was no breach. We are closely watching the water- level in Sengal Odai (canal) and Paravanar through which water from NLC comes.”

He further said, “We are working to clear blocks in the canals in Cuddalore and adjoining areas. We do not want to do pumping. Instead, we are identifying the canals and widening them by removing all the blocks. This will be the permanent solution to drain the stagnating water out.” The Collector said, “Every day, the district administration supplies food to 80,000 residents of low-lying areas.” (Indian Express, 2015).