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Integrated unions to hold protest calling for Disciplinary action against Depot Manager

Three SLTB Trade unions controlled by UNP,SLFP and TNA had got together to hold a attention drawing protest on the 14 th of this month at the Jaffna Bus stand commencing around 9.30 a.m., against the Depot Manager.

Their accusations against Depot Manager are as follows:

* Although inquiries were made in three stages by the SLTB Head Office regarding large scale frauds and offences in the Jaffna Depot, against this Depot Manager but no action being taken against him.

* Without implementing the decisions made with the participation of union representatives in Roster Meetings and implementing decisions of his own making.

* Deliberately revenging particular employees of the Jaffna Depot in a partial way.

* The Depot Manager, being a great hindrance to the independent activities of the unions.

* The EPF amounts deducted from employees not being completely deposited in the relevant accounts.

* Failing to arrange the payment of the Over Time Duty payments in full.

* The Depot Manager, trying to create disputes and misunderstandings among the employees.

* Granting privileges to alcoholics among the employees.

* Deducting amounts from the salaries without the consent of the employees.

* Taking in persons of his liking for office work while there are several other employees with more service periods who had appealed for this work, without the prior approval of the SLTB Chairman, as per the requirements of the proper procedure.