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Kalmunai Tamil Divisional Secretariat downgraded

Kalmunai Tamil Divisional Secretariat is again being demoted to Sub Divisional Secretariat.

The Tamil people have been demanding for a long time that the Kalmunai Sub Divisional Secretariat be upgraded to a Tamil Divisional Secretariat. However, it has not yet been possible due to opposition from Muslim politicians.

During the good governance regime, strenuous efforts were made to upgrade the Divisional Secretariat. Amid fierce opposition from the Muslim Congress, the Kalmunai Tamil Division Divisional Secretariat was recognised, but with no executive powers. Action  had been taken to appoint an Accountant, it did not happen.

In this situation, in the letter sent to the Kalmunai Divisional Secretariat by the State Ministry of Home Affairs, it has been ordered to remove the name board of Kalmunai Tamil Divisional Secretariat and place the new name plate as Kalmunai Sub Divisional Secretariat.