Tamil Diplomat

Killer drug Heroine worth 30 million captured in Mannar

30 million worth of heroine brought from India was captured in Pallimunai, Mannar. It was revealed in the inquiries that this heroine had been brought on an intention of bartering it for Gold. Following the inquiry 6 persons were arrested including an Indian national, said the Anti-drug squadron of  the Vavuniya DIG.

Elaborating further they said that, one person from went to India in a boat and brought one person from there. He is a native of Puthukkoadai and he had brought the Heroine. Other suspects were on the the watching the movements of people. When the boat reached the shore all six joined in bringing the Heroine to shore. Heroine weighing 2.9Kgs. in two packages were brought to the shore.

The Indian national had said that he is an employee of a “Mudalali” in Puthukkodai and he had ordered him to take the heroine to Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan will give gold and to bring the gold back to India and that it is his responsibility to take the Gold to the “Mudalaly”

All other 5 suspects were from Mannar. Two boats used by the suspects had been taken into custody. No information was obtained about the gold involve in this transaction. The inquiries are continuing.