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Lakshmi Devy speaks about her experience in ‘Masala Padam’

‘Masala Padam’ is the directorial debut of Cinematographer Laxman and it features Mirchi Shiva, Bobby Simha, Lakshmi Devy and Gaurav as the leads.  Lakshmi devy, the female lead of ‘ Masala Padam’ shares her experiences regarding this new venture.

“ Masala movies are actually  intelligent  pieces of work that entertain the masses. making a movie that influences people from all walks of life is no easy endeavor. masala movies give us a glimpse of what people aspire to be. it may seem like an easy formula but nuances and fragile entertaining sensibilities is what makes a masala movie a super hit among the masses. it is  a seemingly simple genre which still remains one of the most puzzling story lines to crack.”

Her inclination towards films left us in awe . it is quite rare to hear a heroine speak in such depth about movie sensibilities, but when we got to know that she was the screenplay writer of ” Masala Padam ” it helped us  put things into perspective.   ” I was always fond of writing poems and short stories but i think screenplay writing is definitely my forte`” says the multi talented young actress.

“I, the  Director Laxman and the Producer Vijay have been very good friends for a long time . The thought of doing a film on masala movies and online critics was not a planned one. there was one thing that was very clear between us… the fact that we wanted to make a film. while brainstorming through different ideas we debated on the masala film genre and on the fact that online criticism, had off late , become a huge rage . it seemed to be a very common debate amongst film makers and non film makers. inspired from these heated debates we decided to make an interesting and entertaining movie with a storyline pertaining to this.

While talking about the challenges faced , this is what the spirited film enthusiast had to say , “Being behind and in front of the  camera at the same time was a huge learning experience for me. I do not think I could’ve pulled it off without the help of my extremely talented and hardworking team. ”

On a more humorous note she says ” I grew up thinking I was a lazy child. now I know for a fact that I don’t have one lazy bone in my body. if i’m interested and passion driven by my work, then i’m like a duracell bunny hopped up on red bull.!!!

” mirchi shiva was a pleasure to work with. it’s hard to concentrate with him cracking jokes all the time. he is an overzealous packet of energy who always has the most insightful inputs to give us. on the other hand much like his roles in other movies,, bobby simha is a bit more serious on set. while shooting a stunt sequence he had to push me aside, and each time he did that i would fall flat on my face!!! he kept telling me that i should have more control over my body whereas i kept thinking how was i supposed to control myself when i was being thrown half way across. ” she says while laughing non stop. ” i don’t think he’s aware of his own strength . i’ve taken it up as a challenge and looking forward to joining martial arts classes so that i can hold my ground next time. !!””. gaurav was delightful to share screen space with. his calm demeanor and patience on sets really impressed me.

” the screenplay is an essential entity to our movie. my words come alive with laxman’s wonderful frames, our music director karthik’s soul soothing music, all stitched together by our talented maestro editor kevin. and of course none of this would’ve been possible without the perseverance and strength of pioneering producer vijay. fingers crossed and raring to go ,we are all extremely optimistic about our maiden venture ” masala padam ” as a team .

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