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Did money change hands in the escapade of Swiss Kumar of Vidya Murder case?

Police has sought the permission of the court for examining the Bank accounts of one of the Main suspect in the Pugudutheevu Student, Vidya’s Rape- Murder case, Swiss Kumar, to determine whether, cash changed hands facilitating his escape from police custody after the public handed over him to the police. The court granted permission to do so, following which the court gave permission to obtain a statement from Swiss Kumar inside the court premises.

The CID said in the courts the 9th suspect, Mahalingam Sasikumar alias “Swiss Kumar”, was caught by public and handed over to the police. It was later alleged that police had let him go after getting a bribe. The police said that they are proceeding with inquiries as to how  escaped from police custody and went to Colombo.

Court also commended that the list of 16 banks submitted did not contain the name of any private bank.