Tamil Diplomat

Navy hindering Mannar Fishermen in the South bar sea

The Navy is harassing the Mannar fishermen engaging in fishing in the Mannar South bar seas in the guise of checking boats. But they do not implement the checks on Sinhalese fishermen fishing in the same area, accused the TNA MP, Charles Nirmalanathan.

He made this charge in the Mannar DCC meeting. Mannar fishermen and fishermen of the South engage in fishing in the Southbar seas. The Navy is causing harassment and delays only to Mannar Fishermen under the guise of checking..They don’t ask any thing from the southern fishermen.

We can accept that they are doing their duty, if they treat the all fishermen similarly. The delaying of fishermen only one race and looking at them with suspicion is causing unwanted hatred.

We are not hindering the duty of the Navy. If that is your duty we call on you to bring all under the same procedure, he said.