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Neduntheevu fishermen on the verge of abandoning fishing: Aruljeevan, of Fishermen MPCS, Neduntheevu

The President of Neduntheevu Fishermens’ Society has said in a press release that the fishermen of Neduntheevu is on the verge of abandoning their traditional fishing due to the outrages activities of local fishermen from other areas.

It is causing much pain of mind in that the relevant officers are not taking any action regarding this. Majority of the people in our Neduntheevu area are depending on this fishing for their livelihood. As our area is in close proximity to Rameswaram , The transgression of Indian fishermen has devastated our livelihood for a long time. In the context of the reduction in the transgression of Indians, the local trawlers from Jaffna are causing wanton damage through out the their trawling rout. This is like rubbing salt on the wound. All our resources have reached an extinct level.

They are not only devastating our resources, but also scoop up our fishing nets and equipment.Several people are unable recover from these losses.

When the trawlers come for trawling we had to refrain front fishing. It is heartbreaking that the officers concerned are not taking any action, he has said.