Tamil Diplomat

News Bits

  • America will help for Democratic voyage of Sri Lanka, John Kerry.
  • Problems of accountability will be solved, GOSL assures Kerry.
  • Athuraliya Rathna Thero in 5 hours meeting with Basil in Hospital.
  • We never said that we will shoot Tamil Nadu fishermen, Minister Swaminathan.
  • Election Commissioner may retire before the elections.
  • Somawansa need not worry about Maithri’s safety, Minister John Amerathunge.
  • Vasu apologies for attack on Prof.Devasiri during Kirillapona Rally.
  • Pro.Devapiriya was attacked by Mahindha’s cohorts, Joseph Stalin.
  • Some people are still trying to disturb peace, Dr. Rajitha Senaratne.
  • Sajin Vas Goonewardene to be arrested next week, Police HQ sources.
  • Fascism continuing even after the defeat of Mahindha, Dr.Vickrabhahu Karunaratne.
  • Maithri’s regime should show the words of promises in deeds, Kerry in Colombo.
  • Sri Lanka’s Economy growth rate is at 7.4%, Central Bank of Sri Lanka.