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News bits

  • Don’t follow me for surveillance: Gotabhaya Rajapakse
  • Mahindha Faction’s plan for toppling Government named “Top-10″(revealing top 10 frauds committed in this government)
  • Whatever Wicky says, we will do only what we like and acceptable to majority people: Ranil in Parliament
  • Cannot grant Federal system, ‘ Ezhuka Thamizh’ is pure racism: Minister S.P.Dissanayake.
  • Lands delivered from Prabaharan are for the Army, cannot release them: Weekumara Dissanayake,  MP .
  • The Tamil politicians showing one face in North and reconciliation face in the South: Mahintha yapa Abeywardene, MP.
  • Joint opposition conspiring to exert pressure on Government convertin the Ezhuka Thamizh into racism: Wickramabahu Karunaratne.