Tamil Diplomat

News Bits

  • We will neither allow Federal Solution nor merger of North and East : Minister S.B.Dissanayake
  • Under- table money transaction in granting land to China : G.L.Pieris.
  • We will defeat the TNA in the ultimate power devolution affair :  Minister Champika Ranawaka.
  • The government will not introduce federal system Fisheries : Minister Mahindha Amaraweera.
  • Is the Government attempting to safeguard criminals : Sunil hanthunethi, JVP.
  • I am not ready to provide relief from the money of Tobacco Companies : Minister, Dr. Rajith Senaratne.
  • The sovereign state of Tamil Eelam will be formed through the new Constitution : National freedom Front
  • Submarines of  world powers coming to Colombo Harbour on the sly : Mahindha Faction.
  • 2017 will be a head-ache year for the Government : Vasudeva Nanayakkara.
  • Sri Lanka will encounter financial crisis in 2017 : Bandula goonewardene, common opposition.