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NSA shooting: One dead after car rams security gate

One man has been killed and another was seriously wounded after a shooting at a gate to the US National Security Agency headquarters near Washington. NSA officers fired on a vehicle that refused to follow commands and charged a police vehicle blocking the road. An unnamed official told the Associated Press that the men inside the car were dressed as women. One of the car’s occupants died on the scene, while the other was injured and taken to a local hospital.

The incident began shortly after 9:00 local time (14:00 GMT) when at least two people attempted to drive the vehicle into the National Security Agency section of the Fort Meade facility.The NSA, in a rare public statement, said that the driver refused to obey an NSA police officer’s commands to exit the secure area. The vehicle charged toward the NSA vehicle, which it smashed into as police fired on it, the statement said.